Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Empowering Citizens' Emergency Preparedness with GIS

Interwest's GIS team created an interactive webmap to allow the citizens of Elk Grove to quickly locate the nearest open location to pick-up sandbags, enabling citizens to be prepared for the upcoming storm.  The map is embedded in the City's website at this link.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Utilizing GIS for Event Planning and Permit Review

The City of Elk Grove’s Community Event and Project Coordinator requested a series of printed maps for each of the City’s community events.  She used the maps to make event layouts for vendors, parking, first aid, and security.  For events hosted by a citizen, she passed the printed maps along to the event coordinator who would mark them up and submit plans for an event permit.  The marked up paper maps were then given back to Interwest GIS staff to create a final event map.

Intewest’s GIS team streamlined this paper process by creating an ArcGIS Online map template for event coordination and trained staff to use the template to make web maps for each event.  The City’s event coordinator is now able to create her own event mark ups of any area of the city.

The City also provides this tool to the public to submit event plans without needing to setup meetings and provide revisions.  The City’s event coordinator and the citizen are now able to set up conference calls and edit the web map markups in real time.

The City’s event coordinator reported that the new resource will efficiently communicate logistical information across multiple departments and will be extremely useful in reviewing plans with community event organizers and planning our own City events.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Rental Inspection Field Collection with GIS

Interwest's GIS Team worked with the The City of Covina to conduct an initial cursory review from the public right of way of over 1300 properties registered in the Rental Housing Inspection Program. The City was looking for violations of city and community standards. Interwest’s field inspectors collected data and took photographs with iPads. The field collection directly uploaded into a customized tracking system compatible with the City’s current GIS system.

Interwest’s field collection staff utilized the Collector app to record their findings and ArcGIS Online web maps were created to provide a visual representation of the field collection work so City staff could monitor the progress and analyze the outcomes of the rental inspections.

Interwest worked with the City to develop a community based program for sustaining rental housing standards. The City of Covina received a Helen Putnam Award for Excellence in Internal Administration for the innovative solution.

After the field inspection, Interwest worked with the City's GIS Technician James Knox, to migrate the data and web maps from Interwest's ArcGIS Server to the City's on premise ArcGIS Server.

Steve Gay, James Knox, and Mark Dumford

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Esri Pacific User Conference - Oct 13 - 14

Interwest is a Platinum Sponsor at the upcoming Esri Pacific User Conference in Sacramento Oct 13-14.  You'll find us in booth 102 and presenting with Cosumnes Community Services District.  Looking forward to seeing you in Sacramento!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Parks and Rec Finder Application

Interwest's GIS Team implemented a Park and Rec Finder application for the Cosumnes Community Services District last week using Esri's javascript template.

The application allows citizens to search for parks near an address, by park name, or by park amenities such as baseball or waterplay.  The app displays all the amenities you can find at the selected park, allows you to switch between all parks that have the amenity you searched for, displays park images and routing from your current location to the park.  

Interested in having Interwest's GIS Solutions team create a custom park finder application for your organization?  Contact the GIS Team to get started.

Monday, March 24, 2014

CAL GIS Conference - April 14 - 16th

Interwest is a proud sponsor of the CalGIS Conference in Monterey April 14 - 16th.  

Join us for a fun evening on the beach with a bonfire and s'mores - Tuesday, April 15th at Monterey Beach Party Company from 7 - 10 pm.