Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Interwest presenting at the Seventh Annual Los Angeles Geospatial Summit

Interwest GIS Analyst Mallory Graves will be speaking at the Seventh Annual Los Angeles Geospatial Summit in February. Come check out her presentation:

Date: 2.24.17
Location: USC Radisson Hotel
Presentation: Engaging Communities in Environmental Cleanups using a Web GIS Story Map
Conference Details: Seventh Annual Los Angeles Geospatial Summit 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Comprehensive Parcel Report

Interwest provides custom reporting services to public agencies. The City of Wildomar needed a quick way to provide the public with information about their property. 

Interwest created a custom JavaScript GIS Viewer for the City. Users were already able to turn on all of the layers they needed, click on a parcel and view parcel details or attributes from other layers.

They needed a quick way to provide a report to citizens or developers with the parcel information as well as info on the property's flood zone, fault zone, community service area, council district, etc. The parcel report does just that and loads in under two seconds. 

Interwest developed a custom web based report that can quickly be saved as a pdf file for printing. The report uses SQL Spatial to compile all the details of the property into one report as well as display a map of the property. 

The report is accessible outside of the viewer as well as from a toolbar on the viewer and from the parcel pop-up for maximum flexibility.

The report also provides links to the County's assessor maps and subdivision tract maps. 

Contact us if our GIS Team can help you with your custom reporting needs! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Transit Demand Model

Interwest GIS provides transit demand modeling for public agencies. For Shasta Regional Transportation Agency (SRTA), Interwest used the ArcGIS-integrated planning tool called Transit Boarding and Estimation Simulation Tool (TBEST).

Examining Ridership 
The validated model is visual and interactive, with tools for examining ridership forecasts based on socioeconomic, land use, and transit network builds for the service area.

  • Captures the current socioeconomic and land use conditions for a service area
  • Codes these conditions within a transit network
  • Determines stop-level ridership
  • User creates scenarios to determine potential impact on future ridership

Ridership Projections 
Intewest GIS used TBEST and GIS to project ridership under different scenarios including:
  • Adding a new Route
  • Re-routing an existing route 
  • Adding Sunday Service
  • Increasing fares

Does your transit agency need assistance with transit modeling? Contact Interwest's GIS team for more details! 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Honoring our Heroes: Military Banner Program

The City of Elk Grove launched a Military Street Banner Program honoring veterans who reside in the City or resided in the City and are now deceased. The City designated 75 poles for the program. 

Interwest GIS solved the following needs for the City:  

Provide the contractor installing banners location information
Interwest created a web map of each banner's location to assist the contractor in installing the banners. 

Provide City staff a way to track the installation date of each banner with workflow reminders 
Each banner is installed for a 12 month period after which the banner is removed a new banner is printed and installed in its place. City staff needed a way to track the installation date of the banners with workflow reminders of when a banner needed to be removed so the staff could order the printing of a new banner and schedule the installation. Interwest's GIS Team created a SharePoint list that integrates with the GIS streetlight data to feed the installation map for the contractor and the public map. 

The SharePoint list contains all streetlights. Each evening an SSIS package runs and imports the data from the SharePoint list into an SDE table. A spatial view is used in the map to join the table to the streetlights layer. A script is also run nightly to update the data in ArcGIS Online so the public map is up-to-date. 

Provide the public a way to find the location of their veteran's banner
Until a custom banner has been purchased, banners honoring all veterans are displayed on the poles. A public web app was created to assist the public in searching for and locating their veterans banner. A story map was also created showing the veterans photo, name, branch, and rank.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Using GIS for Transit Analysis

Interwest provides GIS services to public agencies to analyze route changes and ridership. The City of Elk Grove is conducting a Comprehensive Transit Analysis that will be used to define the future of transit in the City.

Interwest GIS created an interactive web application using Esri's Web AppBuilder to show existing and proposed routes. As part of the analysis, the City's transit team developed a "service plan working paper" that included exhibits showing the recommended service improvements. This web app displays the information in an interactive form that allows the public and council members to review the proposals with more flexibility.

The web map also needed to display the relationship between routes and major employment centers, schools, and hospitals.

Interwest GIS worked with IBI, the City's Transit Consultant, to convert the proposed routes from Adobe Illustrator exhibits into a format that could be published to an ArcGIS Online web map. Special attention was placed on the zoom scale of the application to support the visual requirements of offsetting routes to display multiple features while ensuring it wasn't possible to zoom in far enough for the routes to appear not on the roadway.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Performing Cost Effective Asset Management Inventories Utilizing GIS

Interwest was honored to be selected to speak with the Town of Atherton's Public Works Superintendent Steve Tyler at the APWA Public Works Conference in Richmond. 

Below is a link to the slides from the presentation Mark Dumford and Steve Tyler gave on November 3rd.